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Hi, I'm Dr Andrew See

Making the leap from General Dentistry to Aesthetic Dentistry isn't easy - it can be confusing and overwhelming. I'm helping high performing Dentists reach their potential and expand their career by mastering the aesthetic zone.

My Journey


I Studied Hard

After achieving 99.50 in my HSC and graduating from Dentistry at the University of Sydney in 2003, I hit the ground running, working at Sydney practices, including Specialist Prosthodontists. After 5 years practicing general dentistry, I knew there was more out there. I completed my Diploma of Implantology and from there I couldn't stop expanding my knowledge and skills, travelling abroad to study with International greats like Hurzeler and Zuhr, achieving a Masters in Aesthetic Dentistry at the King's College London and FRACDS by Primary and Secondary Examination. Utilising my formal qualifications and clinical skills, I created a fulfilling career in aesthetic and rehabilitation dentistry.


My Own Practice

After 10 years of being an Associate Dentist, I branched out and opened my own three chair private practice in the heart of Sydney - from scratch. At the same time, raising a young family. I know what a juggle it is to balance work, family and trying to accelerate your career. Over the last decade, I gained experience as a business owner and carved out a niche for patients - a General Dentist doing advanced procedures that they could traditionally only access with Specialists, the receptiveness from patients was astounding.


I Started Teaching

After being invited as a KOL for Kerr and 3M and with my clinical cases regularly featured in Australasian Dentist magazine, I realised this is the next step in my journey - to help coach high performing Dentists who want to break out of the matrix of mundane dentistry. To guide them on their path of excellence, without having to piece together disjointed information and saving years on post-grad qualifications to get to where I am.


Get the Guidance You Need to Grow Your Career

Don't postpone doing aesthetic work, you've spent too much time and money to get to where you are, to end up doing mundane dentistry. Our customised programs will help take you to the next level of your career. Giving you access to someone who has walked the same path that you're on. Giving you the exact frameworks and in-depth knowledge, supporting you on your way to being confident about aesthetic dentistry and delivering reliable results.

8-Week course

Mastering Porcelain Veneers

Unlock your true potential with this once-a-year, practical evidence-based program, fast tracking your skills and knowledge to doing predictable veneers. Avoid clinical complications and overwhelm with Dr Andrew See's exact treatment protocols.

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Webinars & Hands-On

Private coaching and group workshops to guide you through treatment planning complex cases, clinical execution, training your team, marketing and managing your dental practice in advanced dentistry.

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Real Results

“Exceptionally knowledgeable…”

Dr See utilises contemporary techniques and teaches clinically relevant and evidence based dentistry. He's taught me the nuances in treatment planning and execution. I have always been worried about cases that require highly demanding aesthetics or complex treatment planning. Fortunately, Dr See is able to break down the problem into easily digestible bites.

I've significantly reduced my clinical stress and improved my treatment outcomes.”

~ Dr Anita Chen, Sydney Australia

“An inspiration…”

Dr See has been an incredible mentor, introducing me to innovative techniques and protocols in cosmetic and implant dentistry that have significantly improved the effectiveness and efficiency of my dental practice.

Dr See's inspiration and encouragement have been instrumental in motivating me to strive for excellence in my work. I am grateful for his invaluable contributions to my professional development.

~ Dr Camila Hernandez, Argentina

“It's such a change...”

“I've gone through courses that didn't deliver on their promised value, which has made me more cautious about resources I choose while navigating any courses that can enhance my skills.

But Dr See's teaching style is to make complex ideas understandable by simplifying them. He is able to make the difficult make sense by being simple yet comprehensive in explaining the important details that can be overlooked when rushing through procedures.”

~ Dr Diana Aio, Sydney Australia

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We help high performing Dentists expand their knowledge and clinical skills, guiding them to reach their potential in the aesthetic zone.