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8-Week Course

Mastering Porcelain Veneers

Expand your skills and knowledge with an immersive clinical program of hands-on workshops, online tutorials and live Q&As fast tracking you to achieving predictable porcelain veneers.

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • Tired of doing routine procedures and can't imagine a lifelong career doing the same thing day-in and day-out, being fully aware that you're capable of so much more.
  • You've reached a very real ceiling and know that doing porcelain veneers is your ticket to helping more people, creating a career with purpose and increasing your income.
  • Trying to figure things out on your own. You're looking to level up your technical skills, get comfortable and confident with porcelain veneers protocol and avoid complications that can happen, but you're finding it difficult to piece it all together without any guidance.
  • You want to start big cases in the aesthetic zone but are feeling alone and don't know how to navigate your next steps. You want to know exactly how to deliver predictable results.

With proven resources, hands-on workshops (in Sydney), online tutorials and over-the-shoulder live patient training shot in high definition, Mastering Porcelain Veneers is the course that will help equip you with everything you need to know to execute extraordinary porcelain veneers. Allowing you to do more fulfilling, life changing dentistry - cutting years off your training and progressing your career faster. 

Meet your guides

Dr Andrew See & Lucy

BDS Hons(Syd), FRACDS, MSc(Aesthetic Dentistry)(London), PGDipImplantology, FICOI, FCGDent(UK), MFDS RCSEng

My wife Lucy and I are putting our combined 30+ years of hard-earned aesthetic dental experience to good use: helping people like you unlock the secrets to treatment planning and predictable clinical techniques.

I'm an Aesthetic Dentist collaborating with patients who are truly grateful for the massive impact the aesthetic treatment has had on them. And now I'm sharing my exact clinical protocols with you.

Our purpose is to provide guidance and systemised workflows to help you nail porcelain veneers with confidence and predictability.

Join me and be part of a greater world of dentistry.

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Real Results

“Exceptionally knowledgeable…”

Dr See utilises contemporary techniques and teaches clinically relevant and evidence based dentistry. I have always been worried about cases that require highly demanding aesthetics or complex treatment planning. Dr See is able to break down the problem into easily digestible bites.

I've significantly reduced my clinical stress and improved my treatment outcomes.”

~ Dr Anita Chen, Sydney Australia

“An inspiration…”

Dr See has been an incredible mentor, introducing me to innovative techniques and protocols in cosmetic and implant dentistry that have significantly improved the effectiveness and efficiency of my dental practice.

Dr See's inspiration and encouragement have been instrumental in motivating me to strive for excellence in my work. I am grateful for his invaluable contributions to my professional development.

~ Dr Camila Hernandez, Argentina

“It's such a change...”

“I've gone through courses that didn't deliver on their promised value, which has made me more cautious about resources I choose while navigating any courses that can enhance my skills.

But Dr See's teaching style is to make complex ideas understandable by simplifying them. He is able to make the difficult make sense by being simple yet comprehensive in explaining the important details that can be overlooked when rushing through procedures.”

~ Dr Diana Aio, Melbourne Australia

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What You'll Discover

A Breakdown of the Course

Module One

Smile Assessment & Diagnostic Records

Learn the key principles of facial analysis, how to assess position, proportion and phonetics, evaluate gingival levels and shade determination. Plus, the essential tools and protocol for diagnostic records and photography.

Module Two

Occlusion for Veneers

Uncover foundation occlusion knowledge to apply straight away. Understand occlusal disharmony and complications, learn how to examine, diagnose and treat occlusion for long term function.


Module Three

Planning the Aesthetic Case

Discover the aesthetic case risk factors and how to avoid land mines. Understand the essential foundation treatment and learn how to do in-mouth mock-ups and brief labs effectively. Plus, a step-by-step workflow for digitally designing smiles.


Module Four

Prepare with Purpose

Understand the literature and essential tools for precision preps including handpieces, burs, preparation guides and exactly how to use them. Plus, your guide to effective gingival displacement.

Module Five

The Veneer Preparation Blueprint

Uncover veneer prep myths and discover the 3 key pieces of advice you need to know before starting veneer preps. This module also dives into step-by-step details about preparation grooves, reductions, finishing and polishing.

Module Six

After Veneer Preparations

Learn how to accurately determine and prepare shades, understand translucency and anatomy of teeth and how to record your preps with impressions and scans. Plus, your step-by-step guide to provisionals, veneer materials and lab communication.

Module Seven

Preparation Exceptions & Complications

Dive into case studies about how to manage Class III, IV and V, diastemas and black triangles, crowding and posterior teeth and more - what complications can happen and how to avoid them.

Module Eight

Future-Proofed Bonding

Discover the exact protocol for what to check when veneers come back from the Ceramist, effective anesthetic for bonding, the veneer try-in workflow, the bonding sequence and isolation techniques. Plus, how to check occlusion, phonetics and aftercare protocol.

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Mastering Porcelain Veneers

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